• Shock Mount Replacement
• Zipper Replacement
• Wood Shell Restoration
• Leather Conditioning
• Leather Cushion Replacement

Eames Lounge Repair

My name is Fran Trainor and with Bryan Graves we run Studio 670. While an undergraduate getting my Bachelors of Fine Arts I was repairing a Sculpture bust (the nose had broken off) after a seamless repair my teacher suggested I think about the field of restoration. Years later and after getting my Masters of Fine Arts from Rutgers and working in the interior design field for a number of years I apprenticed myself to a master restorer to learn about the craft of restoration. After having run my own restoration shop for years, specializing in mid 20th century modern restoration, Byan and I decided to focus our skills on a design icon of the 20th century, the Eames Lounge.

We are capable of repairing and or restoring all aspects of your Eames Lounge. All Eames lounge shock mounts will break in time, this is unfortunate but true. We replace these mounts with the same parts Herman Miller uses to ensure our repairs are authentic and long lasting. We have made a great effort to research the right parts and techniques for your Lounge.

When restoring the rosewood shells we try to employ all our skills and artistry to bring out the beauty and glow that is inherent in your rosewood.

Our zipper replacement and the selection of leather to repair and replace seat cushions are virtually indistinguishable from the originals. We have spent the time in our upholstery department to get all the subtle leather and zipper details correct.

We have worked on the rarest of Eames 670 Lounges including the 1956 rosewood Lounge with spinning Ottoman. Let us work on your Eames Lounge . and we promise to treat your Eames Lounge with great care and integrity.

Thank you,
Fran Trainor